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Abruzzo contains four national parks. The National Park Gran Sasso is one of the biggest parks in Italy and offers a lot of attractions. The area is protected and is located around the highest mountain of the Italian mainland next to the Alpes: Gran Sasso (2912 meters).

This rough area is very popular for hikers, mountaineers and skiers.

Characteristic features for this area are the expansive plateaus. You can reach the Campo Imperatore by driving via the mountain village, Farindola, which is not very far away from our B&B. On the way you will pass a picknick spot Rigopiano. The Campo Imperaore is the most famous plateau (with a length of more than 20 km). This is especially because of het stunning flowers during springtime. The Campo Imperatore is also known as “small Tibet”.

Close to Farindola is the nature reserve Valle D’Angri with the cascade Cascate del Vitello d’Oro. This cascade falls from a height of 28 meters down.

Another famous plateau is Il Voltigno. This one is accessible via the mountain village Villa Celiera.

These parks all have wonderful flora and fauna. There are beech, pine, poplar and maple woods, and many types of flowers like gentian, primroses, anemones and orchids and you can find wolves, hares, deer, foxes and chamois.

A little bit more to the south, at the small village begins the river Tirino. The name refers to its three sources. The water of this river is crystal clear and clean, which makes it an ideal environment for trout and other types of fish. This river is an amazing spot for canoeing, watching birds, hiking or just relaxing.