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The coastline of Abruzzo is circa 130 km and has beautiful sand beaches and cool beach clubs, where you can have a tasty lunch or dinner. But you can also wander around the boulevard and enjoy some delicious Italian ice cream.
The temperature of the clear water is fine, so there is nothing to hold you back for a swim.

When you go up north from Pescara you will find the Sette Sorelle, the seven sister villages. These villages, Martinisicuro, Alba Adriatica, Tortoreto, Giulianova, Roseto, Pineto and Silvi Marina, are located close to each other. Some of them have sand beaches and others have pebble beaches. The beach of Pineto comes on top of the list and is absolutely stunning. The boulevard contains beautiful pine trees and behind is the must-visit white sand beach.

In the south, Trabocchi are located. These are small fisherman houses built on piles in the sea, where you can eat delicious fish. It will take some time to get there, but it is definitely worth it.