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Abruzzo offers a lot of culinary delights. The food is delicious everywhere and moreover not even bad priced.

Lots of different lovely addresses have been selected for you, where you can enjoy the taste of the Italian kitchen:

  • The freshly made pasta in Abruzzo is delicious, ‘’Spaghetti alla chitarra” is a typical specialty from Abruzzo; this spaghetti is being made with some kind of guitar.
  • You cannot go wrong with the regional antipasto. When you order the antipasto misto, you will be delighted by a huge diversity of little bites. After eating these treatments will be enough to feel filled up. Homemade salami and pecorino (a delicious sheep cheese) are always included in the meal
  • Abruzzo is furthermore known for its ‘’arrosticini”. These are meat sticks with nice sheep meat, roasted on a traditional wooden fire. They are often served in a specific kind of beer mug, wrapped in aluminium foil. The taste is tremendous. This is only available in Abruzzo. Taste it once and it is a certainty you will be in love with it.
  • Nevertheless, please, do not forget the olive oil. Likewise the vegetables, fruit and the nuts, the olives grow on a fruitful ground. Olive trees will be all over the place. The regional olive oil is extremely tasteful; just a piece of bread with olive oil is a true delicacy.

Abruzzo is known for its good wines. The most famous one is the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, a not too heavy fruity red wine. The wine fits perfectly with meat, pasta, and cheese. But it is also possible to just enjoy it with some family and friends.

The Trebbiano is a delicious white wine and fits perfectly with fish and vegetables. At a warm day, a glass of Trebbiano is definitely a pleasure.

Italian liquors cannot be skipped at the end of the meal.

  • The well-known Limoncello is served cold and made from lemon. Besides it being delicious, it is also healthy for the digestion.
  • Amaro Abruzzese is made from different herbs. It has a strong taste and is most often drunken after a big meal.
  • Ratafia is special region liquor and is made from wild cherries. This liquor has a very strange but good taste, but is not widely available liquor, unfortunately.
  • Aurum is great liquor as well. It is made from oranges and resembles the French Cointreau.